Best Practices in Cold Storage

Best Practices in Cold Storage Facility Development provides practical information for developers, designers, tenants and anyone else interested in knowing more about approaches to build-to-suit and speculative projects.

About the Publication

Best Practices in Cold Storage Facility Development provides practical information for developers, designers, tenants and anyone else interested in knowing more about this complex property type.

Authored by industry experts from Ware Malcomb, FCL Builders and Cold Summit Development, this 40-page e-book explains pre-development considerations along with detailed speculative and build-to-suit design and construction approaches.

Early leaders in the relatively new field of speculative cold storage facility design, Ware Malcomb and FCL Builders give readers insights on the Cold Ready prototype that can be customized by end users. Topics include refrigeration, floor slabs, insulated metal panel walls and types of building envelopes, along with over a dozen illustrations. This valuable resource provides most up-to-date knowledge on how to deliver successful cold storage projects.

Sponsored by Ware Malcomb and FCL Builders.

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Cold Storage Demand Heats Up

Until recently, cold storage facility development was considered a niche market, and cold warehouses comprised only about 1-2% of industrial space. However, due to changes in consumer behavior, demand for cold storage is expected to increase, especially for last-mile facilities that are close to consumers.

NAIOP commissioned this e-book to provide commercial real estate professionals with an overview of the topic. The e-book explores:

  • Types of Buildings in the Cold Building Supply Chain (Manufacturing and processing facilities, gateway distribution facilities, multimarket distribution facilities, last-mile facilities)
  • A Developer’s Perspective (Site selection, pre-development, assembling the team, financing and more)
  • The Cold Ready Prototype: An Approach to Speculative Facility Design and Construction (Cold building envelopes, building heights, insulated metal panel walls, doors, penetrations, roof design, and much more)
  • Design and Construction Considerations for Build-to-Suit Cold Facilities (Site and building design, special building structures, ceilings, doors, dock equipment, sub-slab heating systems, fire sprinklers, HVAC and much more)

An appendix, glossary and endnotes are also included.

About the Authors

Ware Malcomb

Established in 1972, Ware Malcomb is a contemporary and expanding full-service design firm providing professional architecture, planning, interior design, civil engineering, branding and building measurement services to corporate, commercial/residential developer and public/institutional clients throughout the world.

Ware Malcomb is an industry leader in cold building projects, a unique and highly specialized sector that includes cold storage, food processing and production facilities, cold laboratories, and cold medical and pharmaceutical facilities.

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FCL Builders

Since 1976, FCL Builders has been a leader in the design and construction of cold storage, food production, warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

FCL has completed over five million square feet of cold and food processing spaces and currently has over one million square feet under construction. FCL’s focus is delivering innovative and efficient cold storage and food processing facilities for some of the industry’s most discerning buyers of temperature-controlled facilities, using sound engineering principles and time-tested construction strategies.

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Cold Summit Development

Cold Summit Development is a pure-play cold storage developer and owner of refrigerated warehouses and low-temperature distribution centers. Cold Summit’s mission is to facilitate the movement of healthy products to consumers by delivering innovative, industry-leading cold storage real estate solutions with a relentless focus on product integrity.

Cold Summit Development has established a team of real estate experts delivering seamless execution throughout the complex real estate development process.

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