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Summer 2017 Issue

Innovative Financing For Roads and Highways

By: Robert T. Dunphy, a transportation consultant and emeritus fellow, Transportation Research Board

New approaches are needed to fix an old problem.

Beyond 72 Degrees and Sunny Inside: Optimizing the Indoor Work Environment

By: Dan Diehl

The conversation about indoor environments is changing as tenants leverage new technologies to support employee productivity.

The Future of Family-owned CRE Businesses

By: Ron Derven

How can family-owned businesses stay competitive in the commercial real estate industry?

The Challenges Of Bringing a Museum to Market

By: Robbie Tarpley Raffish, a freelance writer based in Maryland

Museum development requires collaboration among designers, contractors and museum operators.

Must-Read Articles

A Regulatory Framework for a New Administration

By: Alex Ford
Uncertainty about how the Trump administration will fulfill its promises to vastly decrease the number of federal regulations is creating uncertainty for the CRE industry.

Canadian and U.S. National Industrial Trends

By: David Egan
A comparison of these two North American industrial markets offers some interesting insights.

How Retail Flagships Lead the Fleet

By: James Cook
Flagship stores enable retailers to create a physical embodiment of a brand through design and spectacle — and to experiment with new concepts and technologies.

Potential Pitfalls With Letters of Intent

By: Renee Eshelman, partner, Haight Brown \u0026 Bonesteel LLP, San Francisco
What should landlords do when they discover that “nonbinding” really isn’t?

How to Attract Institutional Capital

By: Kelvin Tetz, partner, and Greg Martin, partner and national real estate practice leader, Moss Adams LLP
Local and regional developers who want to build relationships with institutional investors will need to implement these reporting and operating guidelines.

Cranes and Lanes: The Link Between Transportation Infrastructure and CRE

By: Brian Landes
Transportation infrastructure can have dramatic effects on the value of commercial real estate.


By: Hany Guirguis, Ph.D., Manhattan College and Michael J. Seiler, DBA, College of William & Mary
The office market continues to face stiff headwinds as office utilization has remained relatively flat over the last year, as evidenced by mobile-phone location data and building-access records.
By: Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell, Ph.D., Risa Itow and John Tavares
The NAIOP Research Foundation commissioned this report to identify best practices for promoting DEI within CRE firms. The study draws from existing studies on DEI, as well as interviews with a representative sample of practitioners at CRE firms that have pursued DEI initiatives.
By: Hany Guirguis, Ph.D., Manhattan College and Michael J. Seiler, DBA, College of William & Mary
Given current economic conditions and recent demand trends, the authors estimate that quarterly net absorption of industrial space will average 52.6 million square feet over the next two years. Read the full report from the NAIOP Research Foundation.


By: Ron Derven, contributing editor, Development
The president of an Atlanta-based diversified investment and development company offers his perspectives on the industry.
By: Jonathan Tratt, principal, Tratt Properties, LLC, and 2017 NAIOP Chairman
As I write this, much is happening politically that impacts each of our businesses.


By: Amanda Tran
Food halls offer small-scale opportunities for landlords, operators, chefs and diners.
By: Mark J. Eppli, Bell chair in real estate, Marquette University, and a NAIOP Distinguished Fellow
Is the cap rate to U.S. Treasury comparison an “apples-to-oranges” assessment?
By: Andrew Carpenter
Transit advocacy doesn’t have to move slowly through layers of bureaucracy: in Atlanta, advocates have been mobilizing to improve bus stops in their own neighborhoods.
By: Ken McAllister
A real estate model originally designed to meet the needs of startups and freelancers is customized for the health and beauty industry.
By: Alvaro J. Ribeiro
Living wall systems can be simpler to install and maintain than one might expect — and can have meaningful impacts on building owners and occupants.
By: Katherine Ringrose-Poole
This professional development program has proven to be a sound investment that benefits the company’s brand, professionals and clients.
By: Sam Arden, Peyton Nunez and Irene Vander Els
Site work that results in stormwater runoff or erosion can expose a developer to potential liability.
By: Cinda Kelley
Employers in Plainfield, Indiana, are helping fund connector bus service that brings employees to local industrial parks.
By: Richard R. Spore III
What do office and retail property owners need to know about triple net leases?
By: Ron Derven
Screens that provide real-time transit and other transportation information have become an amenity valued by office and residential tenants.
By: Julie D. Stern
An assortment of brief facts and figures about new and noteworthy development projects.

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