NAIOP Confidence Report

By: James R. DeLisle, Ph.D, NAIOP Research Foundation Distinguished Fellow

Release Date: April 2011

To make informed decisions, real estate professionals must monitor economic, capital market and real estate indicators to reveal underlying trends that will affect future market conditions. To this point, such analysis has often been defensive, relying on after-the-fact analysis that tries to understand what happened. The objective of the NAIOP Confidence Report was to compile, analyze and evaluate the perceptions and expectations of its members who represent major players in the commercial real estate market. The results of this survey can help develop more valid and reliable predictions of future market conditions. The survey of NAIOP Forum members was conducted in April 2011 and focused on four key areas: 

  • Economic conditions.
  • Capital markets.
  • Real estate industry outlook/trends.
  • Development potential.

Respondents were asked specific questions on these key areas which included open-ended responses and their outlook for the next 12 months.