Eileen O'Malley

The Situs Group  | Director of Operations

Chapter: NAIOP Colorado

Eileen O'Malley is a multifaceted professional, currently serving as the Director of Operations at The Situs Group, a growing real estate investment firm. With a Bachelor of Science degree in both Psychology and Sociology from Jacksonville University, Eileen has been an integral part of the real estate industry since 2014, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to her current role.

In her current position, Eileen is responsible for scaling the operations of The Situs Group, while simultaneously managing the marketing and launch of new properties. Her ability to form creative strategies has proven instrumental in increasing efficiency for owners and investors alike. Eileen's dedication and exceptional work have earned her the NAIOP National Inclusion Scholarship, an impressive achievement in her field.

Eileen started her career as a Brand Strategist at Cecilian Worldwide, where she worked on a variety of high-profile projects, helping clients to define and communicate their unique brand identities. After gaining valuable experience, she went on to become a Director of Marketing and Business Development at DF Gibson Architects where her efforts were highly successful, leading to increased business and new opportunities for the firm. As a Consultant at EOM Consulting LLC., she leverages her expertise to provide clients with strategic guidance on a range of marketing and branding initiatives. Eileen's career is marked by her unwavering commitment to excellence and her passion for helping businesses grow and thrive.

Outside of work, Eileen enjoys attending concerts, listening to audio books, and skiing. Her passion for empowering others has led her to aspire to a career in politics.