Developing Leaders

Are you 35 or under and interested in expanding your career in commercial real estate? Discover our Developing Leaders Program!

About the Developing Leaders

NAIOP's Developing Leaders is an exclusive program geared specifically for all professionals age 35 and under. Your membership entitles you to participate in our extensive network, gain instant access to the latest industry news and enjoy unparalleled networking opportunities.

But most importantly, our program was designed to help you CareerForward by offering you the tools to propel you to the next level. So, for those ready to connect with their peers nationwide and gain instant access to leaders of the industry, participation in the DL program is a no-brainer.

All NAIOP members who are age 35 or under qualify to participate in the DL program, no matter if you joined through the DL membership category or as part of a corporate membership. As long as you meet the age requirements — and NAIOP has your date of birth on file to verify it — you are automatically considered a DL and have immediate access to all the benefits of the program.

Join the DLs

So you're ready to join NAIOP's Developing Leaders? Congratulations on a move that will benefit your career! But did you know that if you are the fourth or more person to join from your company — and in your same local chapter — you could qualify for a Corporate membership, which could save you even more money?

As you complete the online membership application, the dues calculator will automatically select the best dues rate for you. This means that you could join as a Corporate Affiliate member — if your company already has three members in your same local chapter. In some cases, it’s still most cost effective to join in the Developing Leaders category. Know that NAIOP will ensure that you are joining in the best and most cost-beneficial category for you.

Don't worry...if the best membership is an Affiliate member under your company's Corporate membership, you still have all the perks and benefits of participating in the Developing Leaders program, as long as NAIOP knows your date of birth (proof of birth date is required).

To ensure that NAIOP has all of your information, go to My NAIOP Account and fill it all in!

Questions? Contact a Membership Services Specialist at and get the full scoop.

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Events and Programs

Developing Leaders Award

NAIOP is proud to announce the 17th annual Developing Leaders Award, honoring up-and-coming commercial real estate professionals, 35 years of age and under, for their valued contributions and commitment to the industry. The 2023 Developing Leaders Awards will be presented to recipients who have shown exemplary achievements and demonstrated outstanding professional accomplishments in the commercial real estate industry.

Each applicant must be a member of NAIOP in good standing and will be selected based on the following criteria: leadership, professional competency, career goals, NAIOP participation and community involvement.

NAIOP was pleased to recognize five professionals with its prestigious 2023 Developing Leaders Award during NAIOP's CRE.Converge 2023, Oct. 18-20, in Seattle. The annual award honors exceptional professionals under the age of 35 for their outstanding professional accomplishments, strong leadership and significant community involvement. Applications for the 2024 award will open in the spring.

Developing Leader Events

Are you looking for a catalyst to propel your career to the next level? DL events help you connect with other real estate professionals who are 35 years of age and under, and network with seasoned professionals. Check out our current NAIOP events, which contains chapter events geared toward DLs.

Want to network on a larger scale? Check out upcoming NAIOP conferences like the annual Commercial Real Estate Conference and National Forums Symposium. At National Forums, we have a Developing Leaders Forum just for you! 

Developing Leaders Forum

The Developing Leaders Forum provides commercial real estate industry professionals (35 years of age and under and with at least four years of related commercial real estate industry experience) the unique the opportunity to advance their careers by gaining insights from and networking with seasoned commercial real estate professionals and peers during a two-year period.

The program provides insights in to what it takes to be a standout leader at your organization and NAIOP and how to put your career on the fast track for advancement.

The Forums meet twice yearly: at the spring National Forums Symposium and the fall Development conference. To learn more about the program, visit National Forums.